Track user activities in AWS Cloud in one Region

Amazon CloudTrail Service API provides a way to track user activities and changes in infrastructure within one amazon region. If you want to track ALL activities in all regions, please, use another option here. Please follow the steps below actions (it will take less than a minute):

  1. Sign in to your AWS Console account.

  2. Find 'Security, Identity & Compliance' section and click 'IAM' link.

  3. Click ‘Users’ link to see the list of all users (

  4. Click 'Add New User' to open 'Set user details' page.

  5. Set user details: specify user name (for example, 'cloudtrail_readonly_user') and select 'Programmatic access' option and finally click 'Next Permissions' button to go to the 2nd step.

  6. Switch to 'Attach existing policies directly' tab and find 'AWSCloudTrailReadOnlyAccess' permission to select it. Finally, click 'Next Permissions' button to go to the 3rd step.

  7. Click 'Create User' button.
  8. On the last step 'Access Key' and 'Secret Key' are presented. Сopy these keys, go back to the dhound installation form and paste the keys to the required fields.

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